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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our vision is to be recognized by EmiAfrica key stakeholders – our owners, employees, clients, and the public – for our pursuit of excellence in corporate social responsibility.

Our commitment to conduct our operations in an environmentally conscious and socially inclusive fashion influences our strategy for sustainable growth. We recognize the important role that our operations play in achieving a culture of sustainability – both in the services we provide and the way we do business – and have developed this policy accordingly.

Governance Principles

Our Responsibility To The Environment

We strive for a more sustainable operation by improving our environmental footprint through limiting our waste generation, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy use.

We encourage our stakeholders to be conscious of their environmental impact in both their personal and professional environments.

Our Responsibility To Society

We strengthen our communities by donating a percentage of our earnings to environmental and charitable organizations.

We engage with the communities around us and strengthen our shared values by contributing our time and ingenuity.

Our Responsibility To Our Workplaces

We create workplaces that encourage and sustain the health, safety, and well-being of our employees.

We conduct our business in a sustainable manner that takes a long term view and reflects the communities in which we work by promoting diversity, inclusivity and accommodation in our workplaces.

Our Responsibility In The Marketplace

We provide services that align with this policy and apply our expertise to help our clients achieve their sustainability goals.

We encourage the understanding of corporate social responsibility at all levels of the organization and challenge our employees to find or create sustainable solutions for our clients.

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is a choice that we make for the benefit of our business growth and culture, the benefit of people and the planet, and the benefit in knowing that our business operates holistically, inclusively and ethically. We strive for corporate social responsibility excellence through the principles listed above.

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