About Us
About EmiAfrican SARL

EmiAfrican is a multidisciplinary team of integrated in-house professionals provides comprehensive environmental and social solutions for the resources industry. To view our contract profile and meet the staff involved in the EmiAfrican’s group of small companies and office that have a presence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, United States of America and Zambia.

Our Mission

EmiAfrican strives to successfully assist Mining companies, people, organisations, systems and processes in the DRC and the Republic of Zambia to achieve social and economic best practice. EmiAfrican endeavours to work closely with local entities to positively contribute to the protection of the rich natural and human resources and the empowerment of communities in Africa. EmiAfrican’s experience and ‘lessons learned’ from community-based natural resources management (CBNRM), sustainable livelihoods creation and information sharing can complement and boost local capability to pursue these objectives.

Our Team

The organisation consists of a multi-disciplinary team of professional consultants and project managers. They are supported by a group of full-time administrators, researchers, GIS, IT specialists and financial managers. The company also collaborates with an expanding network of long-time professional associates when necessary. The consultants have diverse skills in the natural, human, social, financial and economic environments that allow them to undertake a wide variety of work geared towards driving social and environmental through sustainable livelihood development, fostering co-responsibility for managing resources and providing support to communities, governments and the private sector.

Merimee Kalumba, MTech/Msc
Merimee Kalumba, MTech/Msc
CEO and Founder

Merimee completed his masters in Environmental Chemistry from Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria, South Africa. He is among the ad hoc group of experts on effectiveness evaluation of the minamata convention and the conference of parties (COP) on mercury. He has experience in undertaking large scales ESIAs as well as compilation of mitigation and rehabilitation plans; chemical inventories and national action plans. Merimee holds the position of Environmental Consultant. He has experience in the fields of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and environmental management system (EMS).

Merimee is also EmiAfrican’s stakeholder specialist, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, Climate Change and mercury inventories specialist. He has done GHG and Hg emission inventories, audits on emission estimation controls and ex ante emission estimations for clients in the mining and power generation industries in western, central and southern Africa. Merimee has a technical background and he is able to quickly identify the most pertinent issues of a particular project whilst focussing on driving project success by rigorously implementing project management tools. He has published numerous scientific articles, and taught government officials and NGOs from more than twenty countries in environmental and development-related courses, and wrote several books.

E-mail: mkalumba@emiafrica.com
Tel: +243852385769
Skype account: kalumba.merime1
Researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Merimee_Makonga
PlanetAlphaCorp: https://planetalphaforest.earth/about/team/merimee-kalumba

Delourd Muteba
Delourd Muteba
Researcher and Office Manager

Delourd Muteba is the one you need to contact, if you have any queries about EmiAfrica SARL and our capacity to assist you regarding any environmental or educational projects. He will attend to your queries ASAP! He has a Beng in metallurgical engineering with 3 years of experience in project management, GIS, environmental control, permitting processes, and construction supervision, particularly in the mining sector. He has worked extensively in the design and construction of containment facilities, including heap leach pads, tailings management, and waste management. Delourd’s experience includes IT, modelling, plant pollution and chemical studies as well as project direction and coordination across several disciplines, specialists, sub-consultants, and contractors; and with local and international offices, optimizing tasks allocation, budgets, and schedules.

E-mail: dmuteba@emiafrica.com

Scott Nawej Tshibang, Msc on going
Scott Nawej Tshibang, Msc on going
Environmental GIS Scientist

Scott is an environmental researcher and GIS specialist. He is experienced in GIS and working on mitigation and rehabilitation plans as well as hydrology input on various projects in the DRC. His passion is with hydrology. His reason is to help raising awareness about helping environment and exploring different approaches to achieve sustainable ecosystems and healthy urban lifestyle.

Specialties: Environmental management, eco-educating, climate change, GIS and remote sensing analysis, flexibility and multi-tasking and critical and creative thinking.

E-mail: snawej@emiafrica.com
Tel: +243974777706

Jean Felix Mwema Ngandu, Msc
Jean Felix Mwema Ngandu, Msc
RAP and Social Specialist

Felix is an EmiAfrican RAP and Social specialist, he is the founder & executive chairman of Buswe youth development which was founded in 2009 and focuses on developing young people through education. He is a Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders.

He been involved in mentoring, counselling, motivating & teaching young people for more than 7 years. He has been working with DRC Mining Company since 2012 as stakeholder engagement officer dealing with local communities and other government departments and stakeholders. He is passionate about rural community development and seeing communities improved and he is gifted in creating long term positive and lasting relationships with communities.

E-mail: fmwema@emiafrica.com
Tel: +243812974329

Malaika Mwepu Kalumba, Bsc
Malaika Mwepu Kalumba, Bsc
Logistic officer

Malaika has 4 years’ experience within the environmental industry and has worked on a variety of projects within the DRC. Malaika has assisted on Environmental and Social Impact Assessments within the Katanga Province, DRC.

Email: mmwepu@emiafrica.com

Tino Onga Mwitabishi
Tino Onga Mwitabishi
Environmental Lawyer

Tino Onga Mwitabishi holds a Bachelor in Law from the University of Lubumbashi. He also undertook a certificate in logistic, transport, safety and Management as well.

Tino has been working as a lawyer in several companies and office in the DRC. Before joining EmiAfrica, he was a lawyer at Anglo American Plc based metals in the DRC.

Tino has 14 years’ experience as a Researcher and more than 5 years in Project Coordination and Management. Her areas of research experience include, environmental compliance, disaster risk management, environmental assessments, stakeholder engagement, local development and land reform, protected areas, marine and coastal resources, and climate change. In addition, he has been involved in lecturing at University of Lubumbashi and Likasi. Within EmiAfrica Tino is also responsible for business administration and as Office Manager of the Likasi Office.

E-mail: tonga@emiafrica.com

Franck Kilumba
Franck Kilumba
Environmental Scientist

Franck Kilumba has a Masters in chemistry from Tshwane University of Technology in South Africa. He recently joined with a focus Specialises in environmental monitoring systems and environmental management at mine sites, EMP formulation and protocol and Emi auditing specifically water. He has worked on Environmental Impact Assessments at varying capacities for projects in South Africa and Democratic Republic of Congo. He was also a lecturer in the department of chemistry at Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria, South Africa.

E-mail: mkalumba@emiafrica.com

Gary Musafiri
Gary Musafiri
Junior consultant

Gary Musafiri holds a Bachelor of Science in chemistry, from the University of Lubumbashi. He also undertook Modules in project management and logistic with INPP. He focused on aquatic and air monitoring and field work. He has assisted on water sample collection for toxicity testing, and has provided assistance in aquatic bio-monitoring in several projects.

E-mail: gmusafiri@emiafrica.com

Sarah Lunda
Sarah Lunda
Reception, hospitality and housekeeping

Sarah is currently employed by EmiAfrica’s offices in Lubumbashi and takes care of the organization’s general housekeeping, management and hospitality. She is usually hard at work making sure that the offices are at all times tidy and presentable. Visitors and employees alike are always welcomed with warmth, kindness and a friendly smile.

Advisors Commetee
  • Philippe Katuta, Stakeholder engagement advisor
  • Joe Mukaya, Business development advisor
  • Samy Nedi, Economical advisor
  • Mrs Dianne Tangzok, Financial advisor
  • Winnie Mandela Kaumba Mazanga, Archeological advisor
  • John Luhembwe, Lualaba focal point
  • Nsenga Umo, Bukavu focal point
  • Joseph Mukalayi, Soil advisor
  • Adolph Mukalayi, Biodiversity advisor
  • Colette Mwanza, Government liaison
  • Mikael Monga, Research advisor
  • Paul Mpoyo Kumwimba, Strategic advisor
  • Gabriel Yumba Nyengu, Social advisor
  • Fortune Mwanza Kituntwa, Civil Engineering student, National University of Technology, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
  • Solide Mulegwa, Geologist, DRCongo
  • Dorris Kasongo Diemo, Legal compliance trainee, CAMI, DRCongo
  • Augustin Simbi, Air quality trainee,
  • Gary Musafiri, Water quality trainee